Issues affecting Senior Citzens.

Some Guidelines To A Better Life

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Seniors have been doing the same things for years and the result is always the same:  less money and poorer health.

If something is not working, do something else.

It is not impossible to improve your life, even as a senior.

First step:  YOU are the only one who can improve your life.

Second step:  Take action!

Third step: Change what you are doing; it is NOT working.

Fourth step:  STOP relying on politicians, economists and the government; they are not going to save/help you.  Politicians could not care less about you, they only want your vote.  Besides politicians and economists are total incompetent.

Fifth step:  Consider following our blogs.

The facts no one wants to read.

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September 12, 2014 at 7:45 pm

Battered, Broke, Bankrupt, and Old?

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Have no savings, no significant assets, minimum income and/or in poor health?

This is the life of many seniors in the United States today; and it will only get worse.  More and more seniors will be in this group while their finances and health will deteriorate.

So, what are YOU and other seniors going to do?  And the seniors to come?

Rely on the politicians?

Prices go up, the economy declines, and seniors’ quality of life becomes a living hell.

Politicians will continue to lie to seniors to get their votes while the government does less and less for them.

Seniors have been doing the same things for years and the result is always the same:  less money and poorer health.  Will they ever learn?

Probably not.


Because the stupid fools refuse to admit they are WRONG!

The facts no one wants to read.

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September 12, 2014 at 7:10 pm

Is This Your Senior/Retirement Life?

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Elderly New Yorkers angry as crisis hits poorest
Feb 17, 2009

From housebound grandmothers who rely on charity meal deliveries, to ailing retirees who cannot pay rising costs for medications, older Americans feeling the pinch of the financial crisis are getting angry and forming groups with names like “Senior Outrage.”

In New York, with city and state tax revenues tumbling, benefits and services to the elderly are being cut, and many older residents are furiously drawing comparisons to the billions of dollars spent to bail out banks — and pay Wall Street bonuses.

Dolores Green, 68, retired as a home help worker and lives on a government Social Security check of $740 a month. She pays $719 a month in rent, leaving just $21 for everything else.

To eat, she relies on the federal food stamp assistance program, and worries that her cost for some medication she needs for her diabetes has gone up to $8 from $3.

To get by, she said: “I run errands for seniors. They may hand me $2 or $3 or something.”

Green says she sees more people seeking government assistance, such as her daughter, who lost her job after 25 years.

“She’s just applied for food stamps, she’s got two kids,” Green told Reuters at a community center where some 25 elderly New Yorkers were eating a lunch of sandwiches, a gelatin dessert, milk and tomato juice. “That’s why she can’t help me, because she’s got to help her children.”

“Maybe I’ll move in with you,” she jokes to her friend Alice Jordan, 80, a retired teacher who suffers from osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Jordan said her food stamp allocation had gradually eroded to $54 a month from $180.

Then she reads about the well-heeled victims of financier Bernard Madoff’s suspected $50 billion Ponzi scheme, she says she wishes they would spare a thought for those who never had such wealth.

“Just like this guy Madoff ripped them off, how did they feel when they lost their money and had to change their style of living? Think of us. … How do you think we feel?” she asked.


New York City’s Department for the Aging, which runs more than 300 community centers for aging residents and provides services such as food delivery to the homebound, affordable housing and heating subsidies, has cut its 2009 budget by $4 million to $285 million and faces another proposed cut, of $9.5 million, in 2010.

The cuts are part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid to close a $4 billion city budget gap caused by the collapse of corporate tax revenues, especially from Wall Street, which normally pumps a fortune into local coffers.

New York state, which typically gets 20 percent of its revenues from Wall Street taxes, also is proposing cuts in health care and services for the elderly as part of a drive to close a $13 billion 2009 budget gap.

Among the proposals is a cut in the state contribution to the Federal Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, for elderly, blind or disabled people with little or no other income.

Parvati Devi, 62, says that would cut her SSI check by $24. “I can’t afford to have anything cut,” she said. “We collect cans on the street, we do anything to survive.”

A couple of hundred retirees attended a forum with New York city and state officials this month to express their anger at cuts they say are hitting the most vulnerable people hardest.

“We are outraged that the government, which has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out financial institutions — and they in turn have given $18 billion as bonuses to their top executives — has no funds to support vital services for their senior citizens,” said Muriel Beach, New York City head of the State Wide Senior Action Council.

State Wide and other groups formed the “Senior Outrage Coalition” this month to mobilize protest among the city’s 1.3 million citizens aged 65 and over.

“We are of a generation that fought in the sixties,” she said. “We’re out there doing it again.”

City figures show that in 2006, one-fifth of New Yorkers age 65 and older lived in poverty, twice the national average. Advocacy groups say by now it is closer to one-third, and New York is second only to Detroit among major U.S. cities in its rate of poverty among the elderly.

Moreover, the federal poverty guidelines for 2008, $10,400 for a single person and $14,000 for a couple, are so low that many who are in need do not qualify for most public benefits.

Minorities tend to fare worst, with 30 percent of Hispanic, 29 percent of Asian and 20 percent of elderly blacks in poverty compared with 13 percent of elderly whites in New York City.

A formidable crowd despite walkers, canes and wheelchairs, many at the forum vented rage at lavish bonuses being paid on Wall Street.

Richard Gottfried, a state assemblyman, said while they might have been pleased to hear that six top executives at investment bank Goldman Sachs gave up their bonuses last year, the tax on their bonuses alone put $12 million into the state budget in 2007.

“I, like many of you, could do a lot with $12 million,” Gottfried said.


This is what YOU have to look forward to in YOUR future.

The politicians are NOT going to change anything; their retirement(the good life) is already assured.  Why care about you?

It does not have to be this way.  There are things that YOU can do.


The facts no one wants to read.

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July 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm

Social Security Only Benefits Politicians

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“Everyone seems to forget the purpose of the Social Security “trust” fund. The stated purpose is to help to provide for the retirement of the participants. Some people seem actually to believe that!

“Like most entities created in Washington, this is not the real purpose at all. The social security taxes are meant to provide funds which the politicians can use to buy votes for their next election.

“When you look at it from this perspective, Social Security makes a lot of sense. It has been doing a wonderful job! We continue to see 90% plus re-election rates. Don’t expect the beneficiaries of Social Security (our elected officials) to make a lot of changes. Perhaps they may institute changes to bring in more money…..

The Social Security Trust Fund is broke, out of money; if not today, then very soon.

Politicians have created a system to secretly supply the government with YOUR money.  Now when the Trust Fund is broke, they will cut social security benefits;  the politicians have stolen your retirement.

What are YOU going to do?

Live in a homeless shelter, eat bread and water, be buried in potters field?

This will happen unless YOU do something different.

This blog has the solution.



The facts no one wants to read.

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June 9, 2013 at 1:55 am

SENIORS — Refusing To Help Themselves

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As everybody but the fools know, social security and medicare are broke.  With the budget problems, medicare and social security are prime targets for deep cuts.

Seniors are sitting around waiting for the politicians and government to save these programs.  The seniors are whistling in the dark, hoping the bogey man will not get them.  Well, the bogey man is just around the corner.

For those baby boomers about to start receiving social security and medicare, they better postpone retirement;  or they can live in a homeless shelter.

With seniors and seniors to be, making up a large share of population; it makes no sense for them, working together, not to save social security and medicare.

To do this, seniors have to stop relying on the two main political parties.

The solutions is two-fold:

-follow this blog



The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.

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May 5, 2013 at 4:28 pm

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Obama Admits That Medicare and Social Security Are Going Bust

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2013

President Obama’s proposed budget targets seniors. It proposes a different way of calculating the consumer price index. The new way will produce lower CPI figures. Why is this important to the budget? Because Social Security and Medicare have built-in cost-of-living adjustments. By lowering the official CPI figure, which is used to calculate benefits, the government can save money. Will this lower the rate of increase in prices? Of course not. Will this make it cheaper for seniors to live? Of course not. But it will make it appear that Medicare and Social Security are in a slightly shallower hole. How deep is this hole? Prof. Lawrence Kotlikoff said it was $222 trillion last summer. It’s higher today. It’s probably pushing $230 trillion today. That’s the present value of future unfunded obligations. Will Obama’s proposal change anything fundamental? No. But he thinks it justifies his call for higher taxes. The proposal at least caught the attention of a New York Times columnist. He wrote: But to Mr. Obama, cost-saving changes in the nation’s fastest-growing domestic programs are more progressive than simply allowing the entitlement programs for older Americans to overwhelm the rest of the budget in future years. What was that word? Overwhelm. You read it in The New York Times. Did you read that right? Yes. He used it again. The president’s views put him at the head of a small but growing faction of liberals and moderate Democrats who began arguing several years ago that unless the party agrees to changes in the entitlement benefit programs — which are growing unsustainably as baby boomers age and medical prices rise — the programs’ costs will overwhelm all other domestic spending to help the poor, the working class and children. “The math on entitlements is just not sustainable,” said Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, one of the few Democrats to unequivocally endorse Mr. Obama’s budget. “And if you’re not finding ways to reform, where do you squeeze? Well, then you squeeze early-childhood programs, you squeeze Head Start, you squeeze education and veterans.” What’s that again? “Not sustainable”? What has been the response of most Democrats in Washington? Some are outraged. Others are mute. A few are supportive. How much will the proposed tinkering with the formula save the government? $230 billion. To which are added the obligatory words: “over ten years.” So, it will save $23 billion a year. And how far is the retirement system in the hole? Maybe $230 trillion. Why did Obama do this? It is his way to avoid sequestration, which he agreed to in 2011. He doesn’t want a slowdown in federal spending. Will Republicans agree to the cuts? Of course not. They will campaign against him for proposing them. Representative Greg Walden of Oregon, who is the head of the House Republicans’ campaign committee, told CNN that the budget was “a shocking attack on seniors.” Conclusion: “His words were interpreted as a signal that in the 2014 midterm elections Republican candidates will again accuse Democrats of trying to cut Medicare and Social Security. . . .” So, the Democrats are trying to blame House Speaker John Boehner. They say the cuts are his idea. We are on the Titanic. We have hit the iceberg. So, let’s rearrange the deck chairs.


What are YOU going to do?  Seniors, those with friends and relatives that are senior and all good people:  it is time to organize, follow our blog is the first step.

Also, join


The facts no one wants to read.

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April 13, 2013 at 3:57 pm

Politicians Still Will/Can Not Fix Social Security

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 A new bill just introduced, HR 1160, aims “to set the retirement benefits age for today’s six-year-olds at age 70.”

Just keep pushing the retirement age back, soon the retirement age will be 150.  No one will reach retirement age, soon no social security benefits to be paid.  Another way to end social security.

Moreover, based on the government’s own monkey mathematics, social security faces an $8.6 trillion shortfall over the next 75-years… which is precisely the window of today’s kids.

It seems almost surreal that a politician’s solution to this is to move the goalposts back by a mere 3-5 years on receiving benefits.

Social Security can be saved:  without moving the retirement age back or cutting benefits.  Just a simple easy fix that could have been implemented years ago.

So, why have the politicians not done this?

Ask them.

Follow our blog to get social security fixed, NOW.


The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.

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March 24, 2013 at 8:15 pm


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